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We have also learned that perennial in France , in French , "Buddha" is not a luxury brand of proprietary stores, Galeries Lafayette in Paris in addition to more sales of luxury goods will be outside , in other French cities , as well as 59 stores, Galeries Lafayette positioning is more similar to the domestic Parkson , especially in the discount season twice a year , is a daily wage earners can accept consumer sites.This home has 20,000 employees and annual sales of over 10 billion yuan Younger companies, these costs are easy to digest .According to market changes, the characteristics of their own new market positioning, the new adjustment mode , a new integrated supply chain , but the speed is too fast, the pace is too large , management ability and level to keep up with the clothing business.Economists say the economic impact of the Olympic Games of Beijing probably mixed. Buy Discount pjs first is the supplier holds stock , the second requires reprocessing.On the contrary, an electronic simulation of firecrackers gradually concern.

11 November day, Lynx sold 14 million kilograms of organic rice Northeast , 2.Like the "vegetable robbery" , is also affected small farmers.Secretary-General of Shenzhen Textile Industry Association, Zhang L , said the U. January 4, 2013 , the Shanghai Postal Service interviewed the Shanghai STO officer, reiterated the relevant laws and regulations and legal responsibilities , warned companies to strengthen management, and strict business law, in particular the requirements to join the STO strengthen its point management and rectification to eliminate " violence sorting " and happen again .It is said that Mandelson is trying to persuade EU member states to agree on a deal .

According to Lafayette s self-description , location Beijing store is "light luxury" , this light is somewhere between extravagant luxury and civilian consumption.It is reported that , due to the financial crisis, the economy is badly weakened many European and American countries , shrinking market demand , resulted in a significant reduction in international brands on the domestic OEM factory orders. Heard the news, on the part of the company immediately took the form of goods by air .

Even talk about piracy , saying only that genuine , CK underwear counter to the basic one that is more than 100 .Reporters that the main impact of the recession by the European fast fashion brands have fought in Asia , while the Chinese market is of course essential to compete for land. Authentic Dasan also has a total construction area of ??nearly 100,000 square meters , more than 1500 shops fabric accessories among international trading center , initially formed a garment production as the core , covering embroidery, materials production , distribution and other related industries fabric supporting the development of garment industry chain , to provide the necessary " parts " as Chashan garment manufacturer , and gradually scale."Do not take the factory has become an empty shell, usually more than one thousand people in the factory now number only a dozen people can say that industry is leaving Humen .Also affected by haze for several days before the holiday weather, air purification equipment sales also rose sharply during the Spring Festival ." , I think , whether it is imported or domestic products must unconditionally comply with Chinese standards if there is lawlessness , must resolutely combat , banned " Chinese STYLE: low-cost illegal Chinese garment manufacturing enterprises , all related exports to Europe, are particularly cautious , "because a failure is detected, clothes , a lot of clothes to be destroyed , too costly .